Quick Review: Peggle

May 22, 2009

PeggleThumbPeggle, a highly addictive game from Pop Cap, is what happens when pinball meets pachinko. This PC favorite for many years comes to the iPhone where it seems to have been made for. The premise of the game is simple…. shoot and clear all the orange pegs in the playing field filled with blue pegs. To do this, you are given a cannon that fires out 10 balls, a bucket that moves across the bottom of the screen that gives you a free ball, and a bunch of characters along the way that help you with special abilities. Read the rest of this entry »



Via theiphoneblog.com: Is July 17th the date?? Well according to the iphoneblog.com, could these rumors of the 3rd iteration of the iPhone be hitting Apple and AT&T stores on July 17th? With so many rumors flying around the Internet, it would take a massive RSS feed to track all of them. Apple has gone on record saying that there will not be a new iPhone announced at WWDC…. But who knows??

Quick Review: Evernote

May 19, 2009

Evernote (iTunes App Store Link)(Free)

evernote1Evernote is a wonderful little application used for collecting, storing, and organizing any type of information you come across. Evernote has many different versions out there, including its main website, www.evernote.com, a downloadable desktop client, and mobile applications. I have been using this app for a month now and am completely in love with it. No more emailing myself with different websites I stumble across. 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »


So I would like to send out an “official” welcome to The Unofficial iPhone Blog. This site will be under construction for at least the next couple of months, but will become it’s own little entity in due time. The main focus of this site is to bring the latest and greatest information concerning the iPhone and everything associated with it. I am hoping that this will be a one-stop-site for anything that you, the reader, will want to know.